Gene Hamilton has been a professional artist since 1973. For a time he and his wife, Carlie, had been a husband-wife artist team. They have two children, William, born in 1976, and Sarah, who was born in 1978.

Following Gene’s four years of active duty in the U.S. Navy, the Hamiltons met while both were attending Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, where Gene received a BFA, and where Carlie was doing graduate work after receiving a BFA from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois. They also earned teaching certificates in art.

Gene’s heritage includes Italian roots: his mother was a war bride from Naples, Italy.

The Hamiltons have been featured in several national publications, including The Artist’s Magazine and American Artist Magazine as well as featured in the Iowan Magazine.

For many years Gene traveled with another artist, Larry Stark, who taught Gene the skills of silkscreen printing. Together they showed their art to dealers, consultants and museums all across the U.S. and Canada, while living in Larry’s various run-down vans. This was a lifestyle Gene remembers as being the basis for “paying his dues” in the art world!

Gene and Carlie worked together in the late seventies and through the eighties to make dozens of editions of serigraphs, -also correctly called “silkscreen prints”, in addition to their paintings.

Gene’s early works were quite different from his current tranquil subjects. His one-person show at The Des Moines Art Center in 1978 consisted of “Hamilton Trout” art in various media. These art pieces were brightly colored strings of sculptural fish, and paintings of fish, as well as depictions of fishermen holding trophy fish, and other fish-related themes. He also produced shock art, social commentary, and humorous art.

Using his in-laws’ large lake home as a studio, Gene has made paintings and prints over the years which depict life at the lake. For a few years in the seventies, Carlie and Gene held art shows at the Green Lake, Wisconsin house which once had U.S. President William Taft as a summertime guest. Visitors to these shows would often come by boat across the large lake and tie-up to the pier, select a painting, and sail back across the lake!

Gene, in addition to the work you see here on this site, also is an actor and has been in several movies, including “About Schmidt” (as Jack Nicholson’s photo double), “Janie Jones”, and the most recent reincarnation of “The Crazies”. He has a Screen Actors Guild membership and a listing on the Internet Movie Database ( Gene L. Hamilton – IMDB ).