Caricatures from Photos

My caricatures are different than the work of most caricaturists. Instead of exaggerating facial features, I draw “kind” caricatures, which is a realistic head and a cartoon body.

The subject of the caricature is placed into a scene doing a favorite leisurely activity. Golfing, fishing, dancing, or whatever the person enjoys.

These caricatures make for great gifts, personal or corporate, as well as for business promotion. This unique form of art has been used in sales meetings and for business cards, Christmas cards, and retirement gifts. They also make great gifts for Valentine's Day, anniversaries and birthdays.

Many sizes are available but the most common are 11” x 14” and 16” x 20” for larger pieces. The number of heads included may determine some minimum sizes.

Color caricatures are based on photos and consist of a pencil drawing with watercolor. Photos can be emailed to me after I reply to your initial contact. (See the Orders/Inquiries page for the form to email me for the first time.)

(Besides caricatures and portraits of people, I can also portray pets. Go to my Loving Pet Art website ( to find out more.)

“Just wanted to let you know that Ray was absolutely thrilled was his drawing. I’ll bet he said 6 times over how much he liked it. The next day he even told me it was one of the best gifts he has ever received in his life. So I say to you…Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”


"It looks great.  Can’t wait to show everyone tomorrow.
Thank you!"

"I have showed it  to a bunch of people and they can't get over how well
you captured Terry.  I am really excited to give it to him.
Thanks again"


Photo Requirements

Photos need to be clearly focused and the head of the subject needs to be large enough (at least 1” tall, if possible) to show clear details. Please include information about the subject: their name, their age (if relevant), favorite activities, and eye color (sometimes it is hard to tell from the photograph). It’s a good idea to send more than one photograph of the subject.


Prices are below. For 11” x 14” works, please add $10 for shipping and handling if it is being mailed. The art and the photos you provide are sent via U.S. Priority Mail. For those who pick up their art, payment is expected when the work is completed. Orders by mail require advance payment.


The turn around time is typically 1 to 3 days (depending upon what else is on the schedule).

Call me for specifics or contact me via the Inquiries/Orders page.

Color Caricatures from Photos

No. of FacesSize: 11x14 Size: 18x24
1 $175$250
2 $250$325
3 $325$375
4-5 Not available at this size$450
6-10 Not available at this size $600
11-16 Not available at this size $750
17-21Not available at this size $950
22-35Not available at this size $1200
For Black & White caricature prices contact me.