Live Event Caricatures

For your next live event, provide some added fun! Having a caricaturist on hand is a memorable experience and many at the gathering will go home with a drawing as a reminder of the experience. My “kind” caricatures (realistic head, cartoon body) will make it a pleasant experience for all involved.

I’ve drawn caricatures at corporate holiday parties, private parties, high school post-proms, birthdays, customer appreciation events, bar and bat mitzvahs, community events, and more.

Details, details, details.

At live events I work in black and white, using a black Sharpie pen on archival white 11”x14” bristol board paper. I average about one person in under five minutes (a caricature of a couple on one sheet takes 10 minutes or less).

We loved having you!
The committee mentioned at our meeting last night maybe seeing if you would come for a longer time?"


How much do I charge?

For live events I charge $150.00 per hour, plus tax, payable at the start of the event. For post-proms and any events requiring unusually late hours, I charge $200.00 per hour plus mileage and tax, payable at the start of the event. My work is sponsored by the giver of the event with no charge to guests although I may have a tip jar out for those especially pleased by their caricatures.

A typical engagement averages two hours, although I have drawn for as long as seven straight hours! The only break I typically take is a brief bathroom run.

Out of Town Events

For live events out-of-town, mileage, a meal, and lodging (if an overnight stay is required.) needs to be added. A minimum of two hours of work is required unless the location is less than an hour or so away from Des Moines, Iowa.

Final Details

Written confirmation is required when booking me for a live event. Confirmation should include location, directions to the event site, terms of payment, contact names and phone numbers, plus the agreed upon terms. Confirmation can be made by sending via email or a letter through the mail (delivery confirmation recommended).

At the event all I require is a small table, an electrical outlet, two or three ordinary chairs, and enough light to see what I'm doing.

Just some of the places where I’ve drawn for live events:

  • Con Agra Omaha
  • Homesteader’s Life
  • Hy Vee Corporate
  • Hy Vee Individual Stores
  • Kum & Go Corporate
  • Nationwide Insurance Corporate
  • DuPont Pioneer
  • Des Moines Area Community College
  • MediaCom
  • Flynn Wright Advertising
  • Aviva USA
  • Numerous Iowa Associations