Portraits/Commissioned Work

"Gene, Daniel is Gorgeous.  I can't wait to show his picture on my Facebook."

Portraits of People

My portraits in watercolor serve as a tangible visual memory of that important person. The size of a portrait can vary , as well as the complexity, so no accurate price information can be included here.

I also do pet portraits and you can see examples at my Loving Pet Art website (www.LovingPetArt.com).

Clearly focused, properly exposed photos of non-obscured subjects are required in order to be able to draw features accurately and it doesn’t hurt to include more than one photo so that I can capture all the nuances of the subject.

House and Building Portraits

Our homes provide nostalgic memories and when a person moves away, my house portraits create a visual memento of sweet memories experienced there. That is why a painting done by a human hand can be so powerful.

I've done many house portraits as well as some other buildings such as churches.